Frequently Asked Questions by ME students-

  • How should I plan my courses?

Please refer to the ME Curriculum Flow Chart.

A solid line feeding into course A to course B tells you that Course A is a prerequisite for course B. A dotted line represents corequisite- means you need to take those courses together.  You may plan for your semester by semester courses based upon the prerequisites or corequisites they may require.


I would suggest to have minimum 8GB RAM and 64 bit architecture.
Our labs have computers which students use, and hence you don’t necessarily have to buy one. Students buy them for their convenience and flexibility.
Please read about it here-
  • Should I get a PC or a Mac?

You may get any. Just remember that with a Mac machine, you need to use Bootcamp or a commercial software like Parallels Desktop to run engineering modeling and analysis software like SolidWorks and Ansys, as they natively run on Windows.

  • I have AP credits. Would they transfer?
For AP credit transfers- please see this chart.
  • I want to take a course at a community college. Would they transfer?

Use njtransfer.org to see course equivalencies between TCNJ and NJ community colleges.

You should receive permission from the Office of Records and Registration in order to take courses at another college or university using this Course Authorization Form.

Advanced approval guarantees that the course(s), if successfully completed, will be accepted for transfer credit. Course authorization approvals are done  in The Office of Records and Registration, Green Hall, Room 112 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM. You can check if your course is already approved on NJTransfer.org.

  • I want to change my major. What should I do?

Every Fall and Spring semester you shall have an opportunity to apply for change of major. Though there is a deadline prior to the registration cycle, you may submit the form in the Mechanical Engineering office anytime during the semester prior to the deadline. We shall notify you with the departmental decision within a week after the submission deadline, and prior to the beginning of the registration cycle.

For Mechanical Engineering, MAT127 and PHY201 are foundation courses. A minimum of letter grade “C” is required in both of the courses.

Download Change of Major Form here.

Please note that the Change of Major into Mechanical Engineering is very competitive. Change is not guaranteed and is limited by our program capacity. See more department specific capacity information here.

  • What are the required text books that I need to buy?
    Find your course material at TCNJ Barnes & Noble Bookstore. You may also ask the course instructor.


  • I do not see my complete schedule on PAWS in “Weekly Schedule” display. Why?
    You need to skip forward the weekly schedule by couple of weeks. Also, extend time to 8pm, if you have evening classes. You should see your complete schedule now.