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Pistol Shrimp

This information was sent by Mr. Joshua Loterena.

“This shrimp has over the centuries evolved a specialized snapping claw.  This claw snaps to create a cavitation bubble.    This bubble creates up to 80k of pressure up to 4cm away.  While this only lasts for about one millisecond, it is enough to kill small fish and shatter glass.  As the bubble collapses, temperature around it increases to over 5000K, or 4726.85 degrees Celsius.  To put that into perspective, the sun’s temperature is around 5,778 K.  Although the only practical application for this for humans is probably the development of weapons, this is very interesting none the less.”

Read more here:

Snapping Shrimp Stun Prey with Flashy Bang

A report by By John Roach
for National Geographic News

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